Vehicle Wraps

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Here at Uber Graphics we strive to produce the best quality vinyl wrap to our customers. With a wide range of colours there is something for everyone.

You want to give your car a true custom job? Uber Graphics are the answer. You can turn your vehicle into the ultimate statement with superior panel graphics, ready to apply lettering or vehicle wraps. Logos, designs, sponsor names… we can do it all.

Looking for that finishing touch to your ride? Or simply just want to add that wow factor. Uber Graphics can bring your car to life with our wide range of vinyl wraps. We wrap everything from Cars to Trucks, Boats to Jetskis, Motorbikes to Go Karts. Hell we can wrap whatever you want. Carbons, Mattes, Chrome even animal skin vinyl are now available available

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Vinyl Wraps – Paint Replacement 

Vinyl wraps are quickly becoming the next best way to customize your vehicles look. Forget the commitment of a respray, a vinyl wrap will allow you to change the colour of your car in a non-permenant, non-harmful fasion, allowing you to customize till your hearts content whilst protecting your cars factory paint condition and helping to retain it’s re-sale value.

How do we do it? 

CLEAN – First, we take your vehicle through a thorough cleaning process This includes a standard wash, followed by co-polymer removal and finally wax and grease removal. STRIP – Then, we carefully remove all the exterior components of the vehicle – bumpers, lights, trims, everything. This lets us tuck the edges of the wrap away into areas that aren’t visible once we put everything back together. Not only will the finish be seamless, there will also be very little chance of peeling occurring. CLEAN AGAIN– After stripping all the components of the vehicle, we clean it once more with isopropyl alcohol to ensure the best possible finish.The entire cleaning and stripping process is involved and can often take an entire day, but it’s attention to detail that guarantees the best quality finish and protection for your vehicle. WRAP – Finally, we wrap your vehicle with your choice of a range of specially prepared materials. Once the wrap is complete, your vehicle is re-assembled and ready for you to enjoy.



Partial Wraps 

Sometimes subtle is best. Adding a gloss black roof wrap can create a glassy appearance linking the front and rear windscreens. Perhaps go with a Carbon fibre bonnet wrap for a more race inspired feel. The options are only limited by your imagination!

Some popular partial wraps include: Mirror backs – Roof – Bonnet – Bootlid – B-pillars

Full Wraps 

If you’re tired of your cars standard paint, then a full wrap may be for you! Choose from hundreds of available colours ranging from Matte and Gloss through to Metallic, Glitter and even Chrome. A full paint replacement wrap usually involves removal and refit of all necessary trim and panels to allow us to cover as much of the original paint as possible.